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Legitimate Tags are NFC-powered hardware that can be activated with any mobile phone. As a brand, integrating Legitimate Tags is the first step to connecting physical products with Legitimate's digital experiences.

Legitimate Tags come in a variety of small and discreet form factors and can be easily added to virtually any product such as a pair of sneakers or a hoodie.
Each Legitimate Tag is encoded and encrypted with advanced, industry-standard security protocols. From the start, products with Legitimate Tags are designed to ensure authenticity and deter counterfeits.

Each Legitimate Tag creates a 1-to-1 link between a physical product and a corresponding digital identity. Together, this phygital combination enables unprecedented access and transparency in product authenticity and provenance.
Once integrated, Legitimate Tags can be read with any mobile phone. As a customer, simply bring your phone within close proximity of the tag to activate a unique, exclusive digital experience.

Leveraging NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, Legitimate Tags can be used in the same way as Apple Pay or other contactless mobile-payment solutions.
Once verified, a Legitimate Tag opens up a portal to a fully customizable digital experience. Authenticity information, exclusive digital content, and integrations with major video-game and metaverse ecosystems; the sky's the limit. Legitimate enables game-changing digital experiences for all types of physical goods.

Behind the scenes, each Legitimate Tag is built on top of industry-standard blockchain protocols, ensuring that all data is openly verifiable and tamper-proof.
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